Proactive Managed Service

Why has LazenbyIT developed a Proactive Model to support our clients?

The old break fix service appears to be a cheaper option, you only pay for support/help when it is needed. However, this typically results in longer response and resolution times and longer outages or downtime and usually costs businesses more in staff payments while they are unable to work or impacts productivity or deliveries to clients.

The managed service model comes from the corporate environment to monitor and identify issues before they cause downtime or outages during the working period and resolve out of hours and rapidly during business hours. However, without monitoring and alerting this is still a response driven solution.

Having over 30 years working in managed service environments it is clear there is a more enhanced level of managed service that can be applied, that of proactive managed service where the helpdesk and remote monitoring and management (RMM) system has policies and alerts that warn and can act automatically. Not all organisations are the same, each requires different levels of service, we cater for this in our services, our helpdesk system can flex the priority and individual device to the required response level, as you define it. Different teams can have different levels, as can equipment.

Interested in our services? Here is a sample of our tailored Proactive Managed Service with four levels of Service Level Agreement for you to choose which fits your requirements.