Transforming Businesses

One of our key drivers at LazenbyIT is transforming how our clients utilise technology such as saving time

  • we believe saving time in business not only improves efficiency and productivity but also reduces overheads and waste

Our recommendations consider the life time usage and total cost of ownership and how the business may change/transform, providing our clients with a strategy of investments in on premise, cloud or hybrid that maximises usability and extends the useful life time of systems. We consider New or Refurbished equipment to minimise costs where applicable and professionally recycle all equipment to meet green policies.

Delaying replacements can cost more than you expect.

As an example, one of our client’s sales team had a five-year-old laptop, that gave problems every day, reduced the working time by over an hour and often up to 2 hours a day. Although we could repair or reset the system, the computer needed replacing. After explaining the annual cost of wasting over 20 hours a month or 25% of the salary paid, the CEO agreed to procure a new laptop, the user has not needed to call support for this ever since.

Key Benefits 

  • The Sales person is back working full days, is less frustrated and getting on with their tasks more quickly.
  • Investing in a new laptop is enabling the business to grow and sell more

Transforming how businesses procure

Procuring the correct specification for each role in the business is key to maximising the return on investment (ROI), but it also positively impacts staff moral as well as productivity.

Implementing a replacement cycle for technology not only manages the cashflow and helps with budgeting it ensures everyone is as effective as they can be throughout the lifetime of the system.

Key Benefits 

  • Delivers fit for purpose equipment, maximises ROI and extends usability.

Wide knowledge of effective solutions

With an extensive knowledge of services and systems across many companies, LazenbyIT can utilise solutions from one sector in another. LazenbyIT have a range of solutions that can be implemented quickly, minimising risks, making quick wins for our clients.

Key Benefits 

  • Introduces new technology to address challenges, reduces implementation times, especially if it is an existing mature solution tested elsewhere.

Transforming to proactive maintenance over reactive support

LazenbyIT is changing the paradigm in managed service to proactively managed systems to reduce slowness, downtime or outages to a minimum, such as applying updates out of hours to maintain security and functionality.

Many businesses expect managed service to include regular onsite engineers to fix issues, this adds significantly to the costs of the service, at LazenbyIT proactive managed service is about implementing a system so it can be managed remotely, minimising time on site, utilising agents to monitor and update or repair issues our of hours, fixing disk space before they are noticed or be come an issue to the businesses. Helping our clients to expect their IT to work everyday, with negligible downtime or disruptions empowers high productivity.

Key Benefits 

  • Reduces outages and downtime, improves confidence in technology, reduces overheads paying for staff to wait for support or rebooting computers.

Managing budgets and cashflow in a recession or challenging times

LazenbyIT have new and refurbished options to replace aging slow computers that impact staff productivity with fit for purpose solutions that have a high return on investment.

Key Benefits 

  • Halve the cost of upgrading to top quality systems that have been professionally refurbished
  • Extended guarantees for 3 years support of refurbished equipment
  • Professionally configured systems using our quality control process

Further information on how we have helped clients grow see our case studies.