About Us

Our Values


Our customers are experts in what they do. We are experts in what we do. Working together as a team and listening to our customers is vital to making our relationship a trusted and successful partnership.


We believe that you should say what you mean and mean what you say. To share all information and act with the best interests of our clients at all times.


We place great emphasis on the quality of service we provide to our clients. To provide outstanding support, shared documentation and in the way we communicate in clear language. Together these will deliver real value to our customers.


We believe that honesty and clarity are key aspects of how we work with our clients.

Personal Accountability

We believe taking responsibility for our actions is vital to being trusted and open to learn and improve our knowledge and skills.

Good with the Environment

We seek to consider the environment in how we work and aim to minimise travel to only essential visits and utilise remote technology to help our clients remotely. We procure both new and refurbished computers and recycle end of life devices and batteries through specialist firms, to minimise the impact of computer waste on the environment.


Our Team


Tim Lazenby Tim Lazenby – Tim founded the company in 2007. As well as leading the company Tim has direct responsibility for account management, security and business continuity advice. Tim has over 30 years of experience in designing, project managing and implementing technical solutions across a wide range of organisations, from corporate financial services, global charities, manufacturing, design, branding, financial advisors and start-ups.

Claire Lazenby – Claire co-founded the company in 2007. As company secretary Claire has provided a wealth of knowledge to the business from working in corporate organisations for senior directors.


Tim Lazenby –  Has been working in the corporate environment for 15 years specialising in these areas and continues to provide specialist advice and supporting our clients to meet the ever increasing levels of compliance demanded by government and also best practise to protect organisations against cyber attack.
Cyber Essentials requirements have changed considerably in the last few years since GDPR came out, Tim spends an increasing amount of time raising security systems and constant updates to meet them.


George Lazenby – George joined the company in 2012 and has responsibility for proactive managed services, technical support and implementation of projects. George has performed business security audits, developed complex network solutions with routers and switch systems to provide high security solutions. Implemented servers, wireless solutions including fibre networks for a range of clients, in office and factories. He has developed his knowledge and skills via on the job training, ESET, DATTO and ZYXEL training and leads the managed service team.

Jeslin Samuel – Jeslin has joined our team recently in 2023 as IT Support Technician to work for our clients in London. He has previous experience in a care home.


Ollie Tigwell – Ollie is an experienced brand and web designer running his own business. He has assisted LazenbyIT with a number of projects for our clients. LazenbyIT appointed him as an associate expert in 2020, taking over the management of websites and design projects for the company.


Tabitha Lazenby – Tabitha joined the company in 2019. Tabitha is learning about Microsoft applications and the managed service software we use to manage our clients, so she can become the contracts and projects administrator for the business. Has helped develop a joiners and leavers process within our helpdesk platform.


Henry Lazenby – Henry joined the company in 2016. Henry has developed websites for clients using WordPress, installed windows, security, encryption and endpoint protection on hundreds of computers for a client in the education sector. Has assisted with network installations and also looks after the accounts for the business. Has moved in to providing support and configuration of active directory, office 365 and SharePoint.

Junior IT Support Technician
Silas Lazenby – Silas joined the team in 2021. He is learning about IT Support and Services with hands on work, assisting our team on a wide range of projects. He has helped with documentation, installations of base stations and desk stands across offices.

Our Approach

Our approach is to be part of your team – your virtual IT department.

  • Your business and people come first, not the technology.

  • We always have business, IT security and risk management included in everything we offer, from the ground up, rather than a bolt on as an afterthought.

  • We have a proactive approach to our services based on the way corporate organisations work to minimise any outages and maximise availability and up time.

  • We aim to make investments in systems and solutions that will last and provide good service over a period of years, that are implemented correctly and follow industry best practices.

  • Investing in the correct technology can improve both the efficiency and wellbeing of your team, it usually improves productivity but it can also increase the profitability and competitiveness of your business.

  • Systems that work at your speed make you more efficient and allow you to spend more time with customers and can reduce the long hours of running a business.

  • We provide both new and refurbished computers to help with budget constraints and also to reduce waste.

  • We protect your data and services very carefully, document everything, backup before we change anything, treat your information and business as we would our own.

We listen to how your business works and how you see your future.

  • To understand your way of working, your team and what you do
  • We will work with you to plan out a 1 to 3 year plan based on your priorities
  • To identify where gaps exist or improvements can be made
  • To explain in plain English and minimise jargon
  • Provide cost effective options to help your business develop within your budget and cash flow
  • Provide advice and solutions to protect your business

We work with flexibly to support clients throughout your working day

  • Normal support is 8:30 – 5:30 M-F
  • Out of hours updates/reboots to systems will be scheduled in during evenings
  • Security Audits will be run out of hours

We attend training, seek certification and try out emerging solutions on ourselves or test systems

  • Keeping our staff up to date is vital to maintaining and providing quality solutions
  • Carry out testing before implementation

We work with strategic expert partners

  • Quality and Speed of service are vital to delivery the right solutions on time
  • Partners who are accurate, respond quickly and good at delivering on time are retained
  • Suppliers and partners that have a good track record and business model will continue longer in business to provide long term services.