Protecting Businesses

Every business from start-up to established has invested time and energy into growing and maintaining their business, but without the correct protections in place this can be lost very quickly. An established global business such as Travelex was hit by a major cyber attack and went out of business in 2020.

SME’s don’t have large budgets or teams of experts in business continuity, most invest in backup but can the corrupted data be restored, is it protected against ransomware or cyber attack? Cyber Insurance can pay for the clean up but if the data has gone, most business will fail. A key factor is often overlooked how can a business maintain “Business as Usual” and when a major incident hits, secure itself against financial loss, public relations impact or worse.

LazenbyIT has expertise to draw on from a range of sectors (corporate, charity and SME) over 35 years. Building a cost effective solution that provides backup, cyber protection, anti ransomware with realistic restore times requires an holistic approach, this is our focus in designing effective protection solutions and why LazenbyIT was started, to bring the protections and knowledge learned in the corporate sector to the SME sector. Keeping pace with the changing threats is also part of the way we work.

Enabling organisations to work on high security projects

As an example, LazenbyIT has developed secure networking, secure computers and processes, secure monitoring and controls to enable a client working in the film industry to pass a stringent security audit on the first attempt.

International Statistics around major incidents

A major incident could be a fire in offices, factory or adjacent buildings. It could be a plane crash nearby, a power failure or surge that severely damages key equipment or stops production for a prolonged time. It could be a flood or earth quake that damages buildings, roads, equipment or a cyber attack that encrypts all the business data via malware or ransomware.

  • 40% of organisations suffering from a major incident go out of business immediately
  • 78-80% of organisations that survive a major incident go out of business within 18 months
  • Well prepared businesses can survive and thrive with the correct solutions in place.


Safe Solutions

LazenbyIT utilises evaluation and gap analysis to recommend cost effective solutions, policies and processes to help organisations of any size to mitigate their risks to realistic manageable and recoverable levels. LazenbyIT works with expert partners in BCDR to provide a range of solutions that work in the SME sector and grow with each business.

Key benefits

  • BCDR Innovative protection of servers and data utilising backup, cloud storage and virtualised servers to restore business as usual within minutes rather than days.
  • Backup and recovery of Office 365 and Google email, communications and storage solutions, with indefinite retention and ransomware protection designed in to the solutions.
  • Cyber protection software that protects against known and unknown malware
  • Encryption of drives, folders, email
  • Data leak prevention against theft of intellectual property IP or confidential information

Further information on how we have helped clients grow see our case studies.