Empowering Businesses

LazenbyIT empowers business growth by via a fresh approach to technology which enhances collaboration, saves time and enables effective and well managed changes.

LazenbyIT believes new and innovative technology has a place in the development and growth of most organisations, but business goals must come first, technology should be the enabler not the driver. Utilising automation software and applications can improve productivity and accuracy for repetitive processes but also increase competitiveness for the organisation by reducing overheads.

Exceeding expectations

As an example, migrating a business from one factory to another, enabled a redesign of the layout to improve efficiency and productivity of movement within the factory. LazenbyIT designed the network to function both in the offices and the factory, as well as installing seamless wireless access throughout the building to maintain connection while moving around the factory and offices.

Key Benefits 

  • Taking over the existing internet and implementing temporary internet, while the leased lines were relocated, maintained functionality and reduced costs.
  • Seamless and secure wireless and segregated guest network
  • Office, design and management software can be used throughout the location


The covid situation has resulted in more people working from home and needing to collaborate than ever before. LazenbyIT empowers organisations via enhanced collaboration with services to work from anywhere, securely, effectively sharing information in real-time with the Office 365 suite or Google suite. Document Management solutions enable professional organisations securely and effectively manage interactions with their clients. This can also enable electronic signing of documents further streamlining and simplify the process of authorising documents.

Key Benefits 

  • Working from anywhere utilising the same system
  • Sharing access to one version of the file rather than sending attachments
  • Working with people in different time zones effectively
  • Using different types of computer hardware


Integration of the ordering, manufacturing and delivery processes with real time  management information can significantly contribute to rapidly growing organisations.

Key Benefits 

  • Improved management information and productivity
  • Better oversight of complete process
  • Drives improvement in processes
  • Enhances customer relationship management

Further information on how we have helped clients grow see our case studies.