Security & Creativity

LazenbyIT provides high security systems to protect company and client information

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Connecting Brands with Audiences through Creativity – 20ten was founded on a simple principle: Using creative expression and ideas to deliver engaging campaigns, content and executions for our clients. Founded in 2012 and based in London, we are an independent creative agency.

We believe in the power of a creative idea and collaboratively working alongside brands that trust us to deliver engaging creative solutions.

We continue to develop our creative offering as our clients’ needs continue to shift, ensuring we are always speaking the language of their audiences and starting brand building conversations.

LazenbyIT was asked to provide a network and server to store creative content and secure devices from cyber treats, with in a few years a larger server was required to store the growing creative content. LazenbyIT has assisted in moving the business to new office s twice to accommodate their growth.

Security Project
To enable 20ten to undertake film industry work they were required to pass stringent security audits from Disney and Marvel auditors. LazenbyIT redesigned the network and server infrastructure, implemented data loss protection down to the operating system on Apple computers and controlled VLANs through secure routers to segregate the creative devices involved in production. To secure the content throughout the process.

20ten passed the audit first time and according to the auditors the first time no remedial work was required.

Recent upgrade to 10 Gig network enabled faster loading and saving of the large creative files.

Key benefits

  • High security systems to protect company and client information
  • Computers are protected against cyber-attacks through ESET Advanced Protection
  • Emails are protected on office 365
  • High performance network enable increased productivity
  • Secure remote access has allowed the business to thrive during covid and continue to support client creative projects


  • Technology and management of large data systems enabled the business to grow and maintain confidentiality and protection of assets.