Supporting Businesses

LazenbyIT aims to provide technical support in a different way, our main focus is on proactive managed service, where we work hard to minimise downtime, outages and repeated requests for support. This approach comes from a client focused service environment in the corporate sector where the focus on holistic IT governance, to maximise usability, minimise outages, manage security, simplify change, minimise risks, minimise interruptions to business as usual, compromise functionality and minimise downtime. LazenbyIT believes apply the proactive methodology in the Micro and SME sector will better prepare and sustain businesses in the 21st Century.

LazenbyIT believes new and innovative technology has a place in the development and growth of most organisations, but business goals must come first, technology should be the enabler not the driver. Utilising automation software and applications can improve productivity and accuracy for repetitive processes but also increase competitiveness for the organisation by reducing overheads.

Proactive Managed Services

LazenbyIT provides proactive managed services across many sectors, we offer a choice of service level agreement packages starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with improving cover and reducing response times. Some clients have end user computers on Bronze and Servers on Gold, others have Silver or Gold for all systems. Utilising the Autotask Helpdesk system the SLA can be set per devices should this be required. This enabled LazenbyIT Technicians to prioritise our response appropriately as our clients indicate the level of priority when they may a support request. The Gold and Platinum SLA services include cyber protection and SaaS protection within the Proactive Managed Service.

Key Benefits

  • Clients receive the exact services to meet their requirements
  • Faster response can be focused on key devices and key departments
  • Proactive maintenance reduces failures and therefore downtime, protecting productivity
  • Monitoring and alerts allow resolution before they become critical
  • Well organised helpdesk ensures timely and appropriate responses
  • Critical and Security operating system updates are monitored and actioned out of working hours
  • Licencing and backups are monitored to ensure protection remains in place

Customised Services

LazenbyIT offer the proactive maintenance services plus a range of optional services to match the needs of each client. LazenbyIT offers solutions to meet Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification which include some of the following:-

  • Server Backup to the Cloud – MSP360 file backup to cloud storage to enable data protection
  • Full business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) including rapid backup and restore, onsite and datacentre backup with virtualisation offer limited downtime and Business as Usual service
  • Microsoft 365 Advanced Management – retention, security, anti-spam policy configuration, monitoring and alerting plus Multifactor Authentication
  • ESET Advanced Protection – Cyber protection against multiple types of attack are critical to all businesses
  • ESET Encryption – Protecting business files should your laptop/desktop be stolen or lost is another important part
  • SharePoint Advanced Management – maintaining SharePoint sites and permissions (LazenbyIT offers design and migration services)
  • Microsoft 365 SaaS Protection – backup of selected/all email accounts, OneDrive & Teams to cloud storage with indefinite retention
  • Google SaaS Protection – backup of selected/all email accounts, Google Docs & Suite to cloud storage with indefinite retention
  • SharePoint SaaS Protection – backup of selected/all sites and data to cloud storage with indefinite retention
  • Cloud Continuity PC Backup – image based windows backup, allows bare metal restore or folder or file restoration
  • Advanced Network Management – management of routers, network switches, wireless access points, VPN, VLAN
  • Advanced Application Support – specialist updating of business critical applications such as Account, ERP applications
  • Regular Security Auditing – perimeter security testing to ensure internet protection has not been compromised ( Annual, Half Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly or on change)

5 Easy Steps to Protect Micro Businesses

In our experience, many micro and start up businesses, rightly focus on their service provision, sales and marketing and strategic use of technology take a back seat, with this in mind we have developed a strategic group of services that will help growing start ups and developed micro businesses to protect their valuable investments against a range of risks. 

These include 5 services:-

  1.  Ransomware Proof Backup solutions for emails, teams, files and computers
  2. Cyber Protection online via ESET Advanced Protection
  3. Easy Collaboration using Office 365 & Teams plus Workplace
  4. East Account Protection using MYKI password and two factor security management
  5. Proactive Managed Service with a professional helpdesk and remote support


Key Benefits 

  • Helps micro business benefit from well understood technology implemented and managed to keep them focused on their business
  • Helps owners to sleep at night knowing their business is effectively protected
  • Improved collaboration improves return on investments, enhances team interactions and empowers growth
  • Having IT professionals available to help when needed

Further information on how we have helped clients grow see our case studies