BACKUP TIP #1 – Why is Backup or File Protection Important?

Protecting your files on your laptop of desktop is simple to install and straight forward to use as well as cost effective.

We implemented File Protection for a client and the following day he phoned us frantically.  He overwrote a critical spreadsheet with another file he was working on.  We managed to access the system and could ask him which version of the file he wanted restored.  Took us a couple of minutes to restore the file and a very happy client, who recommends File Protection even more.

Most people save documents, images on the could but often many of the work and family picutres are on the local drive of laptops and desktops and kept no where else. You can’t restore information if it has not already been backed up to a safe location. If your data is not help in three locations we say it is not really protected and can be wiped out with on issue.

Are you concerned about protecting the data on your systems? contact us now to find out how simple and easy it is to take care of this problem once and for all.