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Experts in Information (Cyber & Network) Security, Proactive Managed Services, BCDR, Audit & Compliance

Welcome to LazenbyIT, our mission is to keep our clients in business and challenge the standard break fix support model – develop bespoke solutions that transform ordinary, traditional ideas into ground-breaking innovations that make our clients’ work easier, faster and safer.

We are a family run business focused on quality of service, trusted and transparent interactions to help protect small & medium enterprises and charities from cyber attack, loss of data or loss of business.

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Reducing Risks & Combating potential Cyber / Ransomware Attacks

LazenbyIT provides Security Advice, Security Auditing, Cyber Security Protection, Full disk encryption, Email and attachment encryption, Two-Factor Authentication and Long term Backup solutions to reduce the exposure of vital business data to Cyber and Ransomware attack. In 2020 we added Datto SaaS Protection and restored a mailbox that was deleted by accident quickly. in 2022 we added Datto Siris 5 backup systems at three locations to provide real time backup and recovery.

Protect Your Business Data

Are you in control of the data in your company?

Data Loss Prevention is a key part of data protection and business protection. At LazenbyIT we are constantly updating our services to protect our clients from cyber attack. GDPR regulations in the UK have been enhanced significantly in 2022 and 2023 to help protect our clients confidential information from accidental loss or theft. For those clients that need it, LazenbyIT provides a preparation service to assist clients gain Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification and helps maintain ongoing compliance.
LazenbyIT is independently certified with Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Client's New Factory with seamless wifi access across the whole site, factory linked to the office network via dual redundant fibre, installed by LazenbyIT

Growing Your Business

Are you in control of the process?

LazenbyIT has enabled increased turnover, enhanced productivity and freed Directors’ time through strategically aligning innovative IT, Security & Communications solutions with our clients. LazenbyIT has a proven track record of saving our clients’ time and minimising downtime.

LazenbyIT provides a range of Proactive Managed Services that can be tailored to each client. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Service Level Agreements provide the exact level of response based on User / Teams / Department / Devices specific requirements, managed by our specialist help desk solution.

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Working securely from anywhere

LazenbyIT  provide security audit services for business offices and home systems to extend business security to home workers, especially for hybrid working. More remote workers is the future, so we have developed a remote managed secure home solution (quality router, wifi and VoIP phone) that is available from LazenbyIT.

Cloud collaboration ensures your staff have instant access to the tools, information and resources they need to deliver top quality services from anywhere.

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Innovative solutions continue after Covid 19

LazenbyIT has provided adapted unusual solutions to help organisations during Covid 19 and after the lockdown. 

We have helped clients leave their offices behind, move completely to secure encrypted cloud storage, that allows them to work seamlessly across Europe from home, or while travelling.

Others have changed to hot desking across every office, with standardised desks, base stations for hybrid working.

Transform your Business Productivity, Profitability and Business Value with LazenbyIT

At LazenbyIT our goal is to help our Clients save time with hardware and software that does not slow them down and improve security by empowering, protecting and ensure compliance for our Clients and to be a vital part of your team improving your understanding of available solutions, productivity, profitability and business value and minimising costs and risks, so you can grow sustainably.