Professional Services

LazenbyIT has over 30 years experience of large and small projects, delivering within budget, on time and exceeding expectations.

Maintaining a business growing and improving, requires periodic updates, upgrades and replacement of hardware and software. LazenbyIT has a in depth experience of helping a wide range of clients in different sectors to review their strategic business plans and how existing or innovative solutions can take them from where they are to where they need to be.

Listening and understanding how our clients work is a key stage of any project, we follow agile project management principles with previous experience prince methodology.

Server replacement or migration to cloud?

We have helped many clients migrate towards the cloud successfully. However, we have clients where the cloud server is more expensive than an on premise solution. In some cases the critical business application require and on premise solution. The volume of data and size of files would make the communications link to have high bandwidth which exceeds the cost of a server. There are times when different parts of an organisation require different solutions and we have designed a hybrid solution linking data on premise with the cloud, including the user authentication.

Key Benefits 

  • Time planning ahead and carrying out a five year total cost of ownership review can highlight the best solution for a business.
  • Allowing experts review the details and aspirations of a business, has lead to competitive solutions that empower growth.

Simple backup or full business continuity?

Sadly 80% of businesses go out of business within 18 months of a major incident. 40% cease to trade after a major incident. Backing up data is a good thing but we found when we came to test the recovery time for disaster recovery testing, this was inefficient. Changing the backup order and methods reduced recovery time significantly. Testing data restore is vital to know that when you need it to work it will. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery BCDR systems offer a complete system that tests the backup daily, some allow a virtual server to be fired up quickly, to maintain services when the original system is repaired. We call this “Business as Usual”. Other systems upload the backup to a data centre providing the disaster recovery element, should fire or flood wipe out the computer systems. The data is protected and with backups as often as every 5 minutes the impact on the business is minimised.

Our challenge is to help all our clients to be in the 20% of companies that survive major incidents.

Key Benefits 

  • Investing in effective backup and timely restoration, protects businesses from unexpected issues.

Further information on how we have helped clients manage projects see our case studies.

Examples of the type of projects and services our professional services team offer:-

  • CRM implementation, programming, training, data migration and ongoing support.
  • Server Upgrade
  • Advanced Network Design (VLAN, 1G and 10G networks)
  • Network Cabling Design & Project Management
  • IT Security Design and Implementation
  • Security Auditing, Pen testing.
  • Security Design and Implementation
  • Procurement of IT Hardware, configuration and data migration
  • Managed computer setup, tuned for each function, CAD, Video Rendering
  • Procurement of specialist CAD / Video Rendering / Random Smoke Effects
  • Business Policy Templates, advice and review (Data Protection, IT Security, Incident Response etc.)
  • Cyber Essentials Certification, technical assistance to achieving compliance
  • Data Protection compliance
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Encryption solutions
  • VPN solutions
  • Cloud backup and SaaS Protection solutions
  • PC Backup – Image and File with Bare Metal restore
  • Cyber Security implementation and management
  • Full Disk Encryption, email and file encryption solutions and implementations