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How to stop criminals using your account and contacts to send out phishing attacks?

With the continuing phishing attacks to business and personal email accounts by cyber criminals, how can we prevent them tricking you in to giving them access to your email accounts and sending more attacks from your account?

The only way to stop this is by using a second authentication method as well as a password that the criminals cannot access, called two factor or multifactor authentication.

This uses a six-digit code that is regenerated every 60 seconds.

This is typically managed via a mobile phone app or SMS messaging which sounds simple but there are some challenges with it. Ever got to work and left your mobile at home, always seems to be the day you need it to authenticate. Many companies only provide business phones to certain staff, others would have to use their personal phones, and some are not happy with this.

LazenbyIT set about finding an alternative, to protect client data, contacts and credibility, no business wants to be used to send out spam or phishing attacks to their clients and contacts. When this happens, it takes time for IT Support to track down who was sent emails, export a list, then having to send out an apology and warning to clients not to open those emails.

Manage your two factor effectively

We have found a system called MYKI Password Manager that works with two factor and links to each account to generate a fresh six-digit code without the need for a mobile phone. It also stores your passwords for multiple types of accounts securely encrypted on your device, not in the cloud. It has a password generator so you can have unique hard to crack passwords on all your accounts.

Key Benefits

  1. Stores your passwords securely.
  2. Helps you generate unique complex passwords for every account.
  3. Generates your six-digit two factor codes when you need them.
  4. Is locked when not in use so people cannot walk up to your computer and use it to login as you.
  5. Information is stored on your device not in the cloud so harder for the criminals to attack.
  6. Comes with helpful tutorials on how to setup and administer with support.
  7. Updated and improved to keep pace with security challenges as they arise.
  8. MYKI has other useful features such as Data Breach monitoring, Remote Session Autofill
  9. In a proactive managed service environment, it helps IT support test out and support clients without seeing passwords or asking for two factor codes.

The solution is called MYKI and is available from LazenbyIT, plus LazenbyIT uses MYKI to safely manage our authentication accounts and manage our client systems.